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Animation by Design With Charm

Design With Charm’s animations can be done in a variety of styles, from detailed and fluid presentations to streamlined and simplified cartoons. We specialize in 2D animation, but we have collaborated in numerous 3D animated projects as well. No matter what your animation requirements are, we will be able to help.

Our artistic talent combined with years of animation experience allows us to deliver quality animations and original designs while maintaining quick turnaround times. Our extensive knowledge of traditional and digital pre-production, production and post-production stages helps us to create broadcast quality animation. We have experience in handling animation projects from concept to finish.


Our animation deliverables include:
  • 2D animation
  • Flash animation
  • Animated logos and commercials
  • Animated banners and web animation
  • Music video animation
  • Weekly animations
  • Web-comics
  • Web cartoons



Gold 2010 Hatch Awards
 presented by the Ad Club


Also, we love collaborative projects.  Partnering with other companies is rewarding and beneficial to all.  And, it's fun!  It usually means participating in the creation of large scale projects, and joined efforts often produce award-winning pieces.  Everyone always learns something new.

Here are some examples of our collaborative animation and design.

Partner - Proximity Lab

LabDash gameBill Nye's Climate Lab gameconcept art, character design, prop and background design, all in-game animations as well as intro/ending animations, created in Flash and PhotoShop

Bill Nye’s Climate Lab, – concept art and graphic design

Adobe Postcards - postcard design and character design for air application

Partner - Hatchling Studios

Bank of Sierra - character design, storyboards, 2D animation

Signiant (part I) - character design, character turnarounds, storyboards, 2D keyframes and animation

Signiant (part II) - character design, character turnarounds, storyboards, 2D keyframes and animation

Hatchling Chef – conceptual design for 3D elements, storyboards, 2D animation

Maidenform – character design, storyboards and 2D animation for live video commercial

Captain Rochester - character design, props & background design storyboards for 3D animation

Endurance Challenge - Mordred’s Isle (episode I) – co-creator, co-director, character design, storyboards, keyframes, 2D animation

Animation Music Videos & Animation Shorts

In Vino Veritas - Bar 
In Vino Veritas - Claun
In Vino Veritas - Background

Golden - City

Golden - Girl 02

Golden - Skyscrapers 

3 Goats - Little Goat

3 Goats - Big Goat

3 Goats - Props