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About Design With Charm

Design With Charm is a family owned design studio that specializes in 2D animation.  Among the many services we offer is: Flash animation, animated web comics, realistic and stylized illustration, line or mood illustration, complete character design, storyboarding, concept art, character design and turnarounds.  We are able to provide high quality traditionally hand-drawn illustration, as well as broadcast quality Flash illustration and animation. We can create designs in many other forms of art media – such as photography, graphic design or web design.


We offer personal service and quality design regardless of the chosen media. We have extensive animation history, as well as graphic and web design experience. We help clients to develop the best design within their budget or time constraints. Our dedicated service, competitive prices, and high quality work is often recognized. 


Our strengths are:

  • Unique design
  • Fast turnaround
  • On-time delivery
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Competitive prices


We can contribute starting from any development stage. Whether it’s suggestions during initial concept stages, or simply bringing your existing design project to life, we will be glad to help.

Not only have we worked on many independent projects, but we have also aided our partners during extensive projects.


Our clients get our undivided attention and commitment that often surpass their expectations. All projects are approached with highly professional standards.

Matthew Ducharme (Matt)

Founder, Art Director, Animator and illustrator


Matt graduated from the Art Institute of Boston, with a major in illustration and animation. Expression through art played a central role in his childhood, and it continues to be a great motivator for him today. What was originally strictly just fun and play has developed into lifelong passion for art. He has created a number of animated music videos, commercials and film shorts. The music video “Golden”, a 2D and 3D collaboration with his brother Chris, was awarded Best Animated Short at the Crested Butte Reel Fest in Colorado.

Prior to establishing Design With Charm, Matt had gained more than 16 years of professional animation experience. He has worked many different positions including Lead Animator at both FableVision in Boston, as well as at Hatchling Studios, in Portsmouth, NH. His duties have involved managing a 2D department, character design, key-frame animation, script writing and art direction.

Follow Matt as a co-host of Comics Coast To Coast - a comic podcast by comic creators.



Svjetlana Ducharme (Lana)

Co-founder, User Interface Designer 

Lana has more than 15 years of design experience. She has designed or participated in graphic, web, desktop and mobile app projects. The emphases of her work is on user experience and UI design, as well as information architecture of applications.


Working with a variety of clients, she has been involved in assignments as a part of a team, as well as in self-initiated and executed projects. Her focus is on communicating client’s needs through symbolic, visual messages. With detail orientation, knowledge of design, e-commerce and business development, her work brings additional quality to the company.